About Sunstone

Sunstone specializes in African Government Relations and Market Access. Our diverse team has a strong knowledge of the continent, an in-depth expertise and a track record of driving impact.

Our Services in a few words

The business environment is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

Our services cover both G2G, B2G and B2B. Access to African markets can be challenging both in terms of legal and regulatory barriers as well as in the search for established business partners. In this context the experience of our political and commercial diplomatic experts, CEOs of companies and associations supported by our sector experts critical role for our clients’ positioning.

Government Relations
& Market Access

It is important for an organization to understand the underlying dynamics of the various ecosystems it plays in order to build strong trust-based relationships with the stakeholders defining these dynamics.

To help you achieve this Sunstone integrates two divisions that will collaborates closely according to your needs :

  • Government Relations

We will help build your relationships with the relevant stakeholders.
When needed we will also support your engagement strategy and implementation.

  • Accessing new markets in Africa

may reveal painstaking. Accessing the relevant stakeholders is important. Understanding the political, administrative and economic context of aparent hurdles is critical to refine your market entry strategy.
Sunstone will provide you with the 360 view you need to engage on the basis of actual and accurate intelligence.

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